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Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-01-3

Book Length : Sexy Novelette

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Half Cherokee, Lainy “Two Night-Song”, flirts with a man on the Internet. However, as things get hotter and hotter between them, she gets bolder and more seductive with her words. She’s of the opinion that nothing lasting will come of their internet relationship since she’s hundreds of miles away from him.

Well, he has a different opinion…and this man from legendary Atlantis is no ordinary human man.

Some might say he’s not really human at all.

But no one can escape the heat and power of total seduction, not even him…

“I am the taker, you are the giver, she reminded him, seductively. “Give your climax to me, Ar-te-my…”



Two-thirds of the planet Earth—consumed in water.

Did one ever think there might be more to the vast lands of Atlantis than ever dreamed? Societies abound for which humans will never know the likes of. Nor will they ever know the allegedly sunken lands of Akrotiri where Atlanteans—like the Zentars, Iruuns, and Aquafirs—considered neither man nor amphibian, still roam within its watery boundaries.

Deep within his watery palace, nine hundred miles off the coast of Lisbon, a male of supreme noble birth, stares off into the vast spaces of the ocean as he repeatedly climaxes, day after day, at the behest of a single woman he’s never seen in his life. But the time is coming




In the mysterious city of Akrotiri still shrouded by sea

A single Prince writhes ensnared by the net

Existing in a subculture that lurks around his aquatic lands

The power of the Aquafir doth lie inside his royal hands

Yet a cyclic query streams against his mindset

How to find her, got to find her, now…to find her…his Tabia3


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