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Book Imprint: Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-09-9

Book Length : Novella Allure

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Born: DareNtek Michla’a’son-dar

Known: Daren Michlason

“What the hell’s happening in here?” Sagataur probed in abrupt tones, pushing his way into the room and looking around. “The entire house rattled on its axis. I thought I was in the middle of one of the planet’s earthquakes. Every single electrical appliance shut down, including the microwave I was in the midst of using.”

“I’m not sure exactly—I,” Dare started.

“You had me worried.” Spying Lexus lifeless on the bed, Sagataur made his way over to the human female. “What did you do to her? I thought she was your lover prime. Were you trying to deliberately kill her?” he asked curiously and began assessing her with a clinical eye, his natural healing skills coming to the fore. “My gawd, I heard you clear across the house when you climaxed, it was just that powerful, Dare…”

“You are insane.”

“Yes, I am, and don’t you ever freaking forget it,” he snarled. He wrenched her legs apart to stroke her heat. God she was wet for him, even now.

“I must not be enough for you if you have to go in search of another man. Let’s change that, shall we?” It was not question, but a promise.




“We realize that,” the men agreed in understanding. “Humans are fragile. Incredibly so.”

“With what happened to Skylar just a short while ago, and that damn mugging episode Lexus suffered through recently, I just don’t know. I just, don’t know,” he sighed heavily. “And the fact that Lexus is human, it keeps me in a constant state of turmoil knowing I could lose my lifespan companion to something beyond even my Maagik,” he confessed to the three men who knew him so well. “I don’t need to remind you guys that the deuce murderer is primed to strike within days, if not minutes. Heaven help us.”




She jerked when the window suddenly rolled down on its own accord. Like magic. As usual.

“Lexus,” he said, leaning into the window’s opening, his hands on the hood, “don’t you even think about trying to open the door before I get into the driver’s seat.” To scurry back to your car. To him. “This car won’t open until I tell it to.” His voice was devoid of all emotion. No warmth, no coldness. No anything laced his voice.

In a flash, Lexus, Daren and the Audi were sitting in his four-car garage attached to his huge Hampton-designed home. Tired from the day’s events, Daren leaned back briefly against the leather headrest, a weary sound elicited from his throat. Moving large, heavy items such as vehicles, in addition to both himself and Lexus all at the same time, was hard as hell. It used up a tremendous amount of Maagikal power to do so, even for one as potent as he.

His eyes glittered on her coldly. “You can’t even fathom how much maagi expenditure it took for me to do all of this and erase just five stinking minutes from that man’s memory,” he bit out.




“Thank you. I’m having a no-luck kind of day so far. I hope it changes for the better, and soon,” she mumbled as she leaned over toward the floor of her passenger’s seat and began putting some of the heavier items from her handbag on it.

Kennard swallowed when she once again bent over to retrieve a small pack of tissues that had fallen on the floor mat. He bent over with her and leaned in close, his body draping hers.

“Kennard, would you please.”

“Please, what? He moved a long, thick finger down the back of her blouse. “I’d love to undo this blouse you’re wearing, one button at a time. Damn,” he said softly, “you make me hard.”

“Back up so I can stand up straight. Thank you,” she muttered in annoyance not turning around.

“I’ve missed you, Lexus.”

She made no reply. After grasping her tissues and the pack of mints she’d spied, she got to her feet and immediately brushed up against his bulky frame. His obvious erection pressed the curve of her back…and she stilled.

“Lose anything else?” Daren asked in a deep, friendly voice.

Kennard turned sharply at the voice behind him.

“Oh no!” The mints forgotten, Lexus stiffened and then she, too, twirled around, squishing the pack of tissues in her hand so hard the plastic stuck to her palm.


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