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Book Imprint: Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-05 -1

Book Length : Novella Entice

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$ 2.99

978-1-939057-05 -1

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Born: DareNtek Michla’a’son-dar

Known: Daren Michlason

Dare’s personal mission remains quite clear:

One: Find the people wracking havoc on his city’s streets.

Two: Subdue stubborn Lexus McCray.

The Moordonian wants only what HE wants to the exclusion of nearly everything else: To protect Lexus, to have her by his side night and day, to make love to her anytime he gets good and ready, at any given hour of the day he chooses.

What he really wants is the inalienable rights to her body, her time, and her affections.

And Dare would do just about any darn thing to accomplish those single-minded goals.


“At the danger of repeating myself, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Lexus glared at him again, already up to her neck in lies and trouble. It could hardly make a difference, now, what she said. Daren was pissed, and she knew it. “…About any of those things you just said.”

She elbowed herself off the mattress he so unceremoniously dumped her on, and tried to swing her legs to the ground. An unseen hand stopped her in her tracks.

“Lay. Back. Down.”

He circled her bed, his hands clasped behind his back, examining her from head to toe like a specimen under a microscope.

She couldn’t help raising her brow sardonically at his perusal. “Like what you see, big boy?”




His agenda was pretty straightforward to his way of thinking—to keep his soon-to-be wife, whether she knew it or not, crazed half out of her mind with lust for him. If she was constantly in lust for him, she wouldn’t have time to be pissed off at him.

He would make sweet, passionate love to her so much she’d become senseless from it. And he’d do it day in and night out.

In her body. Over her body. Around her body.




Yet again, he pulled all the way out and looked at her.

“Dare, Please don’t. You know I can’t get enough of you.”

Minutes passed in a tension filled haze, as he rubbed himself back and forth over the closed seam of her nether lips. Toying with her, without once pushing through the swollen slit of her lips and delving inside.

“Daren. Dammit.”

The faint smile he gave her lifted the corner of his mouth. And when he finally, finally, did enter her, her last coherent words were that she would be dead of pleasure by morning time.

Sweet death by pleasure.




“Stay with me on this, Lexus.” He whispered the seductive words in her ear.

Again she struggled against the bonds restricting her arm and leg movements. It didn’t work. Nothing worked. The invisible bonds held securely.

Immediately Daren stopped. “Do you want me to stop, dashna sarr?”

“No! Do it again.”

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