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: Zey Tavia FictionWorks

: E-Book

: 978-1-939057-03-7

: Novella Entice

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Born: DareNtek Michla’a’son-dar

Known: Daren Michlason

A 15th level Moordonian wizard from a distant planet, he is known to Earth dwellers as Daren Michlason, or simply Dare to his friends. A finance consultant for the Darkworlders during workday hours, and something different during others. Never a womanizer, Dare, now finds himself, for the 1st time in his 300-year-plus lifespan, in an unenviable position. It’s his turn to press his ardent suit. To press anything he can if it means getting what he wants.

And Lexus McCray, yeah, well, she just about tries to drive him freaking nuts.

Ahhh, but then the mind-pounding pleasure she gives is enough to drive him nuts, alone…

Had Demetri been human, the high-level bolt would’ve been enough to kill him.

It wasn’t.

“Keep your nasty hands off me, you primitive animal,” Magnus-si hissed, clutching his sore neck. Magnus watched as the shifter doubled up in pain, his human shape became partially overlaid by a brief image of his primate-bestial form, before once again becoming human. Magnus didn’t bother trying to hide the expression of vicious glee on his face at the other man’s physical distress. “Woman-stealing little prick.”

“Hit him with another bolt like that, Magnus-si, and I swear to the stars above, I’ll blast you to the hinterlands of Marion Vector 2.” Daren stretched his hand outward, a look of promise on his menacing face.



Light bulbs shuttered and burst inside lamps sitting nearby, a zinging noise echoed throughout the house. Electric currents going to Lexus’ appliances died in route, and arced straight back to him.Absorbing the force of the electrical energy and grounding it, Daren glowed like the light bulbs he’d just shattered seconds ago.

Maagi energy flowed from Daren to Lexus and back. It should’ve been fatal to her on contact. Instead, an expression of intense pleasure chased across her face.

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