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Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-15-0 Book

Length : Novel Erotique

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Born:      DareNtek Michla’a’son-dar

Known:  Daren Michlason

Here on Earth where Darkworlders play and die, this 300-year-old alien Moordon wizard treads between their seductive, deadly world and the human one. And someone or some “thing” is wracking havoc on the city’s streets.

A financial consultant for the Darkworlders during workday hours, he can be something totally different on his own time. But then, a man with his considerable magical gifts…can be anything, anywhere, at any time.

But even a high-level wizard has his weaknesses. His: Lexus McCray.

What he badly wants is HER—all of her…right down to those nail polished dainty toes.

Her body, her time, her affections—ALL of it.

And he fully intends to press his ardent suit. In fact, he’s willing to press anything he can if it means getting what he wants.

Unfortunately for him, she about drives him freaking nuts. But then the mind-pounding pleasure she gives him is enough to drive him nuts, alone.

Ahhh, the addictive, mind-numbing pleasure of it all, baby…

He leaned over her and placed his hand on the mattress behind her back.

She could smell the enticing wine on his breath as he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.

“Of course, ticking me off and getting me off is your specialty, isn’t it, Lexus?” Firm lips trailed fire along the hollow of her neck. He pressed her backwards all the way on the bed and pushed her blouse completely off her shoulder. He began licking his way down below her collarbone.

“Take this thing off, Lexus, or I’ll make it disappear.”




“Lexus, that bracelet is sealed to you.” He hesitated over the phone. He mentally prepared himself for the fury of Lexus.  “It is a Xylon-3 bracelet that cannot be damaged by human means. Once it wrapped around your wrist, it became permanent. It will never come off.”

“What!” she screeched. “What the hell are you saying?”

“I suggest you calm down.”

“Don’t you freaking tell me to calm down! How come you didn’t say something about this BEFORE you permanently encased it around my wrist?” she accused. “That was underhanded and you know it.”

“I know,” he said, unapologetically. “I’ll be over tonight and then you can berate in person.”

“I don’t know if I wanna see you tonight.”

“Let me in, Lexus,” he warned in gentle tones, “or I’ll ghost walk right through your door.”

“Well, we’ll just see about that,” Lexus retorted. “My eyes are on my purse, this very minute. I won’t be here when you get here.”

His voice came out dangerously soft. “Lexus?”

“What!” she snapped.

“Be there.”




“I—I more than like—like it.”

“Who am I to you? Just a friend buzzing through your life?” The question was ripped from Daren’s throat. He began licking her with studied vengeance.


“Some poor sap you’ve got strung out? Your fuck buddy—your lover?”

“More than that.”

“What the hell am I to you, Lexus Mars?”

Only her soft moans could be heard.

“I asked you a question.”

Her wetness dripped on his hand as it clenched together repeatedly. Defiantly, she said, “Why should I answer your questions? You rarely answer any of mine.”

Unearthly liquid formed on Daren’s tongue and he stroked it across her clitoris. Once.

She sucked in air.

Again he stroked her with his wizard’s tongue.

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