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Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-14-3

Book Length : Novel Erotique

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Alexandre Tiffany Clifford

A T C… A person’s reality can be altered in the space of a heartbeat.   Beat. Beat. Beat…

What if everything, every ounce of desire and emotion you ever wanted to feel in your ENTIRE lifetime was unleashed onto one person? For an eternity of sweet pleasure, some would be willing not only to fight for it, but die for it if need be.

Two determined men—one of them not quite human, though he does not fully know it—YET. Destined to become rivals, both men will ultimately collide in a test of wills over one woman. Tiffany. Pure gut-wrenching, hot-blooded obsession and passion is just around the corner.

A breathless and totally unique kind of Victorian erotica series awaits you. Come experience their world.

“Nowww then, do we have an agreement?” Her voice was quite amazingly chipper under the extraordinary circumstances.

Never in his life had he wanted to kill a woman until now. “No, we do not have an agreement!” he snapped.

“Fine. I am well aware of your financial strain, Lord Rathbern. I assure you, I can make that strain go far, far away. I ask you to reconsider my generous offer.” She waited for the explosion to come and showed no surprise when it did.

“The only thing I want far, far away from me is YOU! You’re nothing more than a cheap blackmailer who wants to get her hands—you and those wretched parents of yours—on my title and the entrance to polite society.”

“That’s partially true,” she replied airily. “But it’s not the whole truth.”




Clifford strode in and shut the door with an audible click, double locking it. His movements leisurely, his body taut as a bowstring, he turned around to face her.

“You know why I’m here.”

“I’m not certain, I—”  Tiffany’s heart skipped two beats.

“Tonight, my Viscountess, I have this aching need of wanting to do anything…to you…anywhere in this room.”

Though verbal words escaped her at that moment, her body spoke. She straightened up, and immediately began unbuttoning her gown even as her breathing hitched in her throat. “Then do anything, anywhere.”

“No. Don’t touch another button. I  want  to undress   you   myself   tonight,   button by tiny button.”

Then he advanced on her.




“It took you long enough to get here. I left the rout an hour-and-fifteen minutes ago. I’ve been waiting here ever since.”

“You seem to be developing a habit of waylaying me.”

“I couldn’t stay away.”  He let out a breath filled with self-confusion and longing.  “I tried, God knows I did…but I couldn’t.” He took the pins out of hair and used the tumbling locks to pull her closer to him. “You have the strangest, most intoxicating effect on me.”

“Alex, please, this relationship can’t go on—”




Clifford said in a friendly tone. Underneath it, Alex, alone, heard the thread of unalloyed steel in Clifford’s cultured tones as the man tapped him again on the shoulders. Harder.

Ever conscious of the eyes that might be witnessing their little byplay,Alexandre gracefully bowed to Tiffany and let her go with a friendly gesture.

But inside, he was seething with anger.

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