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Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-06-0

Book Length : Novella Allure

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A T C…

A person’s reality can be altered for all time in the space of a heartbeat. Beat. Beat. Beat…

What if everything, every ounce of desire and emotion you ever wanted to feel in your ENTIRE lifetime was unleashed onto one person? For an eternity of sweet pleasure, some would be willing not only to fight for it, but die for it if need be.

One outspoken woman. Two determined men—one of them only half-human, though he does not fully know it—yet. Destined to become rivals, both men will ultimately collide in a test of wills over one woman. Tiffany.

Pure gut-wrenching, hot-blooded obsession and passion is just around the corner. Waiting.

A breathless and totally unique kind of Victorian erotica series awaits you. Come experience their world.

Believe it. Read it. The intensity never sleeps….

Dazed, Alexandre could barely turn over and stare at the man he considered his rival. Bravely, he uttered only a single, softly-spoken word. “No.”

“I said stay the hell away from her.” Clifford voice was low and furious. “How dare you disrespect me in public by taking Tiffany to a fucking major public event like the Exhibition. You sorry ass, you’re lucky I don’t kill you. Find your own damn woman. She’s mine.”

Desperately trying to shake off looming unconsciousness, he replied once more before fainting on the emerald colored grass of his backyard lawn, “Noooooo.”


Her very nearness intoxicated him. His heart accelerated while he breathed in her delicate scent. But when she pushed away from him as though burned, he coiled in tension. “No doubt you step back, away from me, to allow yourself room to breathe.”

“Do I make you breathless, Tiffany?”

Unable to resist, her eyes lowered and she stared right at his crotch where they stayed glued for several seconds. Horrified at her unseemly behavior, she looked away.

“Good evening, Lord Wainhaven. What a splendid turnout, don’t you agree?”

Not pleased by her stiff formality while her greedy eyes were all but undressing him and staring hungrily between his legs, he decided to give her tit for tat.



“Keep your voice down,” she hissed softly without daring to look to her left or right. Impulsively, her hand went out to touch the wound on the side of his face, before stopping herself in time.

“What?” he countered softly back. “What? You don’t want everybody to know I bought you the exquisite gown you’re wearing, so adoringly cloaking that lean luscious body of yours tonight? Or the diamond combs adorning your hair down to the soft, supple dancing shoes gracing your feet I took much pleasure in purchasing?”

“As a matter of fact, no, I do not!” she retorted. “If you’re trying to get a rise out of me, you’re succeeding.” A slight flush tinged her cheeks.

His grin was harmless, his eyes, however, glinted with an edgy wildness and the ever-present heat that appeared whenever she was in his arms. “If it’s any consolation, I also take much pleasure…in you.”

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