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Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-04-4

Book Length : Sexy Novelette

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A T C…

A person’s reality can be altered for all time in the space of a heartbeat.  Beat. Beat. Beat…

What if everything, every ounce of desire and emotion you ever wanted to feel in your ENTIRE lifetime was unleashed onto one person? For an eternity of sweet pleasure, some would be willing not only to fight for it, but die for it if need be.

One outspoken woman. Two determined men—one of them only half-human, though he does not fully know it—yet. Destined to become rivals, both men will ultimately collide in a test of wills over one woman. Tiffany.

Gut-wrenching, hot-blooded obsession and passion is just around the corner. Waiting.

A breathless and totally unique kind of Victorian erotica series awaits you. Come experience their world.

Believe it. Read it. The intensity never sleeps….

The opportunity had come his way and he did not intend to let it get away untapped. The perfect chance to get this need to be deep inside her out of his system. All he needed was one single orgasm with her, he thought feverishly, to cleanse himself of this sudden crazy lust for her.

He would leap through the fires of hell to insure he got inside her tonight.

His mouth would be on the pale flesh rising and falling below the collar of her silk brown dress, and his cock in her snug heat before the carriage arrived at her house.

He was not a betting kind of man, but on this, he would bet his life.


“All you need do is ask, Tiffany. All you have to do is ask me once, that’s all.” He inhaled her subtle perfume. It drove him to distraction. “Once and only once. You want me, all of me, don’t you? Say the word, Tiffany, say it. Surrender to me.”


“Say it.”

“I won’t. I can’t.”

“Say it. Please say it.” He shook her lightly by the shoulders trying to make her see reason. He leaned toward her so that his warm breath intentionally skittered along the hollow of her graceful neck. “I know you felt what I felt—I know full well you did. Felt the world spinning, the almost unbearable need. Didn’t you? Now tell me what I need to hear. Say it.”

“Yes. Yes, damn you. Yes…yes…yes. I felt it. Will you make love to me?”

His lips were on hers in a heartbeat.

NI [eBook]

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