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Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-10-5

Book Length : Novel Erotique

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Fifty years into the future, another kind of creature walks among us… neither Vhampyrr nor Werewolf. And Dr. Raven Sinclair’s life is about to get complicated and veryyyy intense.

This series spans the globe, even as it spans the centuries from 2063 and beyond. Journey to the Shadow Realm where nothing is as it seems. Where life is vastly different than the one you visualize every day. Where danger and sensuality lurk at the heart of every alternative being that exists within its secret boundaries.

As the youngest member of the French, wealthy and extensive TreBlanc family, the hot-headed, willful, and shamefully spoiled Marquis Vitton TreBlanc is known for getting into one scrape after another for which his doting, powerful relatives always extricate him out of. Some call him the Nightflyer, others call him ‘Hell-bent-and-hell-bound’. He is Volucris — the winged creature.

But someone is coming, though, and she will change his existence forever.

Privileged beyond all reason, Marquis sneers disdainfully that he will learn absolutely nothing from the punishment meted out for his unjust misdeeds. The force of his reaction to his unusual sentence is both vengeful and riveting.

Follow me into the dangerous, highly charged, ultra sensuous Shadow Realm

Where creatures fall in love to the nth degree…


Everyone in the restaurant grew silent. No one could hear nary a spoon clatter to its diner’s plate.  An odd silence prevailed for several seconds after Marquis slammed the door and left, then the hum of voices could be heard as everyone starting talking at once.

In a corner of the room, a youthful Deminwulf murmured, “He’s gotta be my age.  He can’t be more than thirty summers.  How can one so young as he, have such defense tactics—such breath-taking speed and skill?”  The others around him, all under one hundred years of age, shook their heads in wonder and shrugged.

“Who knows?” the eldest, at seventy-eight, spoke up.  “All I know is his friends call him the NightFlyer.  And I suggest you not piss him off.”

“Yeah,” chimed in another.  “His rivals don’t call him ‘Hell-bent-and-hell-bound’ for nothing.  He’s also the law.  Best to avoid his sort altogether,” he suggested helpfully.




“I was…” she cleared her throat.  “I was checking to make certain the place was in order.  I have the right, you know,” she tacked on in self-defense.  Oh my God.  He’s totally naked.  Her eyes glanced down to his sinful-looking crotch for the space of a second, then her eyes shot up to above his neck like a rocket on a speed drug.

She said the first thing that came into her head.

“I’m performing a visual inspection of the premises—that’s it,” her voice, haughty and cool.  “So step aside and allow me to complete my task.”  Inspection! Ha!  She was a nosy, besotted fool.

He moved so fast he blurred into invisibility.  Before she could take in her next breath, he was standing mere inches in front of her.  “Liar.  Touch me, you know you ache to…”




Vice muttered a few more expletives under his breath.

He took in a deep breath and picked up an unconscious Marquis in his arms as if the fledgling weighed no more than the lightest of feathers.  And then he…jump-zoned.




”Left, rear window declining, Dr. Raven Sinclair,” the car’s on-board computer chimed in a pleasant, feminine voice.

Before Raven could gather her flustered wits, her fingers suddenly feeling like disjointed pieces of lead, she’d pressed nearly every incorrect button on her side of the car, hitting a couple of the buttons simultaneously and causing havoc with the car’s smart system. Though considered a relic by the modern standards of 2063, it had been far superior technically than anything else on the road way back in 2028.

Much to her horror, Raven watched as the window flew all the way down and then zip right back up, nearly slamming the Enforcer’s fingers in the process.

Marquis rolled his eyes and shook his head, his mood blackening with every press of the button she made. “You almost sliced my fingers off.  Do you even own this transporter?” he asked in a cool tone. A look of irritation on his face, he barely waited for her response before commanding, “I need to see your embedded smart-card.”

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