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VANGAAR - Seductive Teasers [eBook]

Book Imprint : Zey Tavia FictionWorks

Book Type : E-Book

ISBN No. : 978-1-939057-02-0

Book Length : Seductive Teasers

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The Planet: Orin. Star Date: 9812.

On the planet Orin, an imaginary race of beings called the Vangaars exist shrouded in myth and legend. Today the males are all too real—and for them, desperate times call for whatever measures are necessary.

The Law of Orin: Abducting a Mistress of the Six Waters is punishable by death. But these men, however, cloaked from head-to-toe in xydon white, could care less about “the law–or any other law, for that matter” as they heed only one desperate agenda: Their own.

I am, Lena, high Mistress of the Six Waters, and I will NOT being going down without a fight.



Seizing my opportunity, I made a mad dash for the short table where a knife and F3M lie taped and hidden beneath its surface. Cuffed or not, I intended to inflict as much damage on my captor as possible. He caught me just as I reached the table.

“Don’t bother telling me,” I continued, trying to twist out of his steel-clad grasp. “You’re cowards. Every last one of you. You hide your faces behind white masks and hoods.” I spat on the ground near my feet to emphasize my indignation. “Cowards!”


You’re nothing but a barbaric toad dong criminal. And for the record, I don’t want you either.” Zerek quirked an eyebrow at me and smiled slightly through the white mask that covered everything but his mouth, nostrils, and eyes. Even the color and texture of his hair remained unknown. His hands remained covered in white gloves made from some unknown animal’s hide–as they’d been since the day he’d come barging into their lives. “Really?” he replied calmly.

He slowly untied his mask and let it fall to the floor where it landed silently a few inches from his feet. He pulled away from the hovering female Vangaar and walked over to Aira who wore the same scanty clothing as the rest of the sisthren. With one hand, he held both her arms up over her head and with the other, unfastened the uniform that showed more skin than it covered. His tongue snaked out to lick her nipples into two hard points.


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